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Photo Scanning Service

READ BEFORE ORDERING: We scan your images to industry-standard JPEG files for long term storage and viewing. You will only be charged a deposit of $30 upon checkout, plus the cost of any selected add-ons. Once we receive your order, we will take inventory of your images and contact you with an updated estimate to scan your photos. We can then take any additional payment over the phone if needed. You are only charged for the exact number of photos scanned. 


High-Resolution Scans

Our high-resolution scans make your photos look great on computer screens, LCD projectors, and make beautifully sharp prints.

Low-Cost Scanning

Have mountains of loose old photos? We offer low cost, hi-speed bulk scanning starting at just 15¢ per photo.

Custom Scanning By Hand

Have older and more fragile photos? Our technicians scan your photos by hand using our professional flatbed scanners.

All Photos Returned

All the photos you send to be digitized are returned to you. With our custom-built album scanner, your photo albums & scrapbooks are digitized without removing the pictures.

Scanning Services Info

Hi-Speed Scanning Service
This service is designed for photos printed on photo paper from the past 50 years, commonly thought of as "1-Hour Prints." We can scan loose photos free of tape and glue, from a 3x3 to an 8x10 inch print. For more delicate photos, older photos with deckled edges, documents, or newspaper clippings, choose our Custom Scanning service.
Custom Scanning Service
If your photos do not fit the above criteria for hi-speed scanning, we can still preserve them through our Custom Photo Scanning service. With this service, we scan each individual photo by hand, ensuring that any delicate and fragile photos are handled with the utmost care. For photos we cannot scan as part of our hi-speed bulk scanning service, this is the next option.


 Service Price
Hi-Speed Scans: 3x3 to 4x6 0.15¢ each
Hi-Speed Scans: 5x7 to 8x10 0.75¢ each
Custom Scans: up to 5x7 0.95¢ each
Custom Scans: up to 8x10 $3 each
Custom Scans: up to 11x17 $7 each
Large Format Scans: up to 30x40 $40 each
  • $30 minimum service charge

* $30 minimum charge *

What You Get
  • 7 business day turnaround once we receive your order (allow longer processing time during the month of December)
  • All orders carefully processed by hand in our Atlanta, GA lab
  • Over 30+ years of professional experience in video production and photography
  • Skilled and knowledgeable technicians available to answer any questions you may have
  • FREE return shipping on all orders over $200
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

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