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Video Transfer Service

Convert your aging videotape memories to DVD and digital with our video transfer service for as low as $8 each

Fast Turnaround Time
Average 7 business days
Processed In-House
All work done in Atlanta, GA
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Not happy? Then neither are we
Fast Turnaround
Average 7 Business Days
Processed In-House
All work done in Atlanta, GA
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Not happy? Nether are we

Accepted Tape Formats

about 7 inches wide
about 3.5 inches wide
Hi-8, 8mm
about 4 inches wide
about 3 inches wide
3/4 U-Matic
about 8.5 inches wide
add $15 per tape
Beta, Betamax
about 6 inches wide
add $15 per tape
If you are unsure of the types of tapes you have, please call us at (404) 844-3840, and one of our technicians will be happy to assist you.

Convert Videotapes to Digital

Don’t wait any longer to convert your videotapes to digital. Shedding, tape wear, and signal loss are just some of the issues that aging videotapes experience. Our video to dvd transfer service preserves your VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV, Hi8, Beta, and ¾ U-Matic tapes to archival grade DVDs and mp4 digital files for long term storage and viewing. Other features of our service include:

  • Quantity discount pricing - as low as $8 per tape
  • No charge for blank tapes
  • Each tape separate - each tape gets a separate DVD and optional MP4 file
  • FREE flash drive - with 5 or more tapes and MP4 files
  • All work done in-house - lab located in Atlanta, GA
  • Average 7 business day turnaround time
Pricing Note: Add $15 for special tape formats: PAL/SECAM, Beta, 3/4 U-Matic, S-VHS. We cannot transfer copyrighted material.
Tape Quantity DVD Only DVD & Digital File
$15 ea
$19 ea
$14 ea
$18 ea
$13 ea
$17 ea
$12 ea
$16 ea
$11 ea
$15 ea
$10 ea
$14 ea
$9 ea
$13 ea
$8 ea
$12 ea

Service Features

At Nostalgic Media, we understand the memories stored on your videotapes are priceless. When choosing a company to transfer video to DVD and digital, it is important to know that your home videos will be safe. Did you know that some other video transfer service companies actually ship your tapes away to low-wage countries? Not us. At Nostalgic Media, you can pick up the phone and talk to the technician who digitizes your tapes. We do all work in-house at our lab in Atlanta, GA.

Archival Grade DVDs

Our video transfer service preserves each of your tapes to separate, archival grade DVDs rated to store your memories for 100 years or more. Each videotape receives a separate DVD recorded in standard definition. We preserve your tapes in standard definition because analog tapes were designed to be viewed on analog equipment, which were standard definition televisions. Standard definition DVDs can also be played on a wider range of equipment, including standard DVD players and computers.

MP4 Digital Files

When converting your videotapes to DVDs, we can also preserve your tapes to MP4 digital files. An MP4 file is a digital format of your tapes that you can save to your computer, phone, and tablet. You also have the ability to edit these files directly on your computer.

The majority of our customers choose these MP4 digital files as part of the video conversion process because they are incredibly convenient to store and share with friends and family. Learn more about MP4 files here.

Digital Storage

For orders of 5 tapes or more with DVDs and MP4 files, you will receive a free flash drive. Enjoy the convenience of having your newly digitized home movies in one place for easy viewing and long-term storage. Additional flash drives are available upon request.

Why Use A Professional Video Transfer Service?

While it is possible to transfer video to DVD yourself, you may not be willing to give up multiple weekends of your time to complete the process. Because there is no other way to convert your tapes to digital, each of your tapes has to be run in real-time. That means a 2-hour tape will take 2 hours to convert to DVD or digital. Tapes can be much longer than that though, up to 6 hours in some cases.
It is also important to realize that tapes are subject to signal loss and damage. Transfer equipment is no longer made and spare parts are becoming scarce. Someday, there may not be a way to digitize your old tapes and the memories they hold. The best time to preserve your videotapes is now before it becomes too late.
Nostalgic Media can do all the hard work for you. With over 30 years of experience in video production and photography, we have the skills and expertise needed to turn your aging tapes into forever digital keepsakes for your family and future generations to enjoy.

Don't wait to transfer your old videos

Tapes are subject to signal loss and damage. Transfer equipment is no longer made and spare parts are becoming scarce. Someday, there won't be any way to digitize your old tapes. The best time to preserve your tapes is now before it becomes too late.

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