What is MP4 video?

MP4 video is the future of digital video

If you’re streaming Netflix, watching video on a computer, the internet, an iPad or your smart phone, you’re looking at an MP4 video file.

To get a bit technical, MP4 is an abbreviation for an MPEG-4 file. This file contains video, audio and even subtitles.

MP4 video will play on nearly any digital device
You can edit MP4 files
The big advantage of MP4 is that you can edit your video. It’s easy too. If you have a Windows computer, you should have an editing program called Windows Movie Maker on your hard drive. If you own a Mac, you already have iMovie software on your computer.
You cannot edit a DVD
Years ago, the big electronic companies and movie studios developed a universal standard for the DVD disc. DVDs are encrypted, making it nearly impossible to edit. Why? The movie studios didn’t want folks to make illegal copies or edit the content.

Plan ahead. Order MP4 files when you transfer your videos.

DVDs will become obsolete but MP4 video is the future. Plan ahead and "future proof" your old tapes. Order MP4 files with your DVD conversion. At Nostalgic Media, we'll deliver your MP4 files on a flash drive or data disc.
It’s easy to view an MP4 video on your computer. You’ll see an icon on your screen indicating a video file. Just click on it and your computer will decide which application will open and play the video file. Since most computers already have Windows Media Player or QuickTime installed, the MP4 file should open automatically.

If you don't already have a video player installed on your computer, here are a few links to get you started:

If you don't already have editing software installed on your windows or mac computer, here are download links to get you started:

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