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Custom Photo Scans

If your photos are older than 30-40 years, have been mishandled, or improperly stored over the years and may not be in the best condition, we can still preserve them through our Custom Photo Scanning service. The price above is per photo. With this service, we hand scan each photo individually, ensuring that any delicate and fragile photos are handled with the utmost care. For photos we cannot scan as part of our bulk scanning packages, this is the next option. Examples of photographs that require custom scans are:

  • Photos with scalloped edges
  • Photos that are cracked, torn, or otherwise damaged
  • Photos printed on thick card stock
  • Polaroid Photos
  • Any photo made prior to the 1960's

We can scan any photo up to an 8"x10" size. The default resolution is 600 DPI, which is more than adequate for online sharing, and will allow you to make prints and enlargements without any loss in quality.

To order this service, estimate your quantity of photos, and then Add to Cart. Do not worry about being exact, we will count your photos during the scanning process and send you an invoice for the exact amount once your order is ready to be shipped back.

The minimum order amount is $30.