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Hi Speed Scans - 3x3 to 4x6

Hint:  Just estimate how many you have.
Put them on a scale. A good average is about
110 photos (3x5 & 4x6) a pound.

Got mountains of photos? Hi-Speed scanning your low cost solution. It's easy! Pack them in a sturdy box and send it to Nostalgic Media. This service is designed for photos printed on photo paper from the past 50 years, commonly thought of as "1-Hour Prints." We can scan loose photos free of tape and glue, from a 3x3 to a 4x6 inch print. For more delicate photos, older photos with deckled edges, documents, or newspaper clippings, you should choose our Custom Scanning service.

  • Images are cleaned of surface dust
  • High resolution:  300dpi by default, 600dpi available
  • Images archived to a data disc (or free USB flash drive with 2000 photos or more)
  • $30 minimum (200 photos) with free return shipping on orders over $200