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Movie Film Transfer Service

We digitize every format of consumer film. We convert your 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm film to archival grade DVDs with optional MP4 digital files for long term storage and viewing. 


Frame-By-Frame transfer

We digitize your movies using a broadcast-grade system. Each frame is captured directly from the emulsion surface, so you get an exact replication of your films.

Cleaned, Spliced & Repaired

Our technicians clean, splice and repair your film footage before it is converted, ensuring the cleanest and smoothest transfer possible.

Free Flash Drive

With all film orders over 1,500 feet, you will receive a FREE digital file stored on a USB flash drive. Watch and edit your movies on any modern digital device.

No Money Wasted

You only pay for the film that we are able to convert. If there are any blank sections of film, or film that is too damaged, our technicians will do their best to remove any trouble areas and you will not be charged.

No Fee For Sound Film

We are able to transfer your Super 8 and 16mm sound film at no extra charge. Please be aware that we can only transfer 16mm optical sound.


 Film Quantity DVD Only Add Digital File
less than 150 feet $30 flat fee add $15
up to 1,000 feet 0.20¢/ft add $15
1,000 - 1,500 feet 0.19¢/ft add $15
1,500 - 2,000 feet 0.19¢/ft FREE
2,000 - 4,000 feet 0.18¢/ft FREE
4,000 - 6,000 feet 0.17¢/ft FREE
Over 6,000 feet 0.16¢/ft FREE

* $30 minimum charge *

IMPORTANT: If you have 150 feet of film or less, or are unsure of how much film you have, only enter the number '1' into the quantity box. Click here to calculate your film footage.

What You Get
  • 7 business day turnaround once we receive your order (allow longer processing time during the month of December)
  • All orders carefully processed by hand in our Atlanta, GA lab
  • Over 30+ years of professional experience in video production and photography
  • Skilled and knowledgeable technicians available to answer any questions you may have
  • FREE return shipping on all orders over $200
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

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