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Starter Box

We send you the Starter Box with instructions, an order form, packing material and a return UPS shipping label.  Pack your items, fill out the form, box it up and send it back.  Turnaround time is no more than 10 days in-lab.

The prepaid items are:

  • 5 video tapes (any consumer formats)
  • and
  • 400 feet of movie film (that's 8 50-ft. reels)
  • and
  • 100 still images (that's photos, slides & negatives)

You can add more items to the box for additional charges. Indicate extra items on the order form.  You can include additional payment when you ship your box or we can contact you for the balance due.

Video tapes and movies are converted to DVDs and MP4 video files. Still images are scanned into high resolution JPEG files. MP4 files and JPEG files are loaded on to a free USB flash drive. Your original items are safely returned. Round trip shipping is included.

Note:  With the low price of the Starter Box,
the SAVE10 discount code does not apply.