Our recommended shipping carriers:

Use a box! A sturdy box will protect your materials better than a flimsy envelope or shoebox.

Include Your Order Confirmation - *Required*

Be sure to include a printed copy of your online order confirmation email, a sheet of paper with your order number, or the printable order form inside your package. If you are unable to print your confirmation email or our order form, please include your name, phone number, email, and return shipping address on a sheet of paper and include it inside of your package. *Failure to include identifying order details or contact information with your shipment will result in processing delays.

Where to Send Your Media

2250 North Druid Hills Road NE
Suite #128
Atlanta, GA 30329

Packing Tips

  • Use a sturdy box

To best protect your media in transit, we highly recommend using a sturdy box. Avoid using padded envelopes or shoeboxes, as these are flimsy and can lead to your materials being damaged or crushed in transit.

  • Padding and protection

Use plastic bubble wrap or crumpled paper to pack your media. Make sure that any extra space inside your package is filled to prevent your materials from moving around too much during transit. If possible, avoid using packing peanuts or shredded paper as these can damage sensitive media.

  • Moisture protection

To protect your materials from moisture, use waterproof packaging like plastic zip-lock bags. Whenever possible, avoid placing each individual tape, film reel, or photograph in a separate bag to prevent delays in processing. Aim to group similar items together in each bag, such as bags containing only tapes or only photos.

  • Organizing and labeling your media

If you need additional copies of any media types, attach a sticky-note specifying the required quantity. For photos, slides, negatives, or film reels that you want to be separated during the transfer process, use plastic bags, envelopes, rubber bands, or other clear separation methods. Custom order separation will incur extra charges.

  • Get a tracking number

Get a tracking number from your shipping provider. We will contact you once we receive your package, but a tracking number will give you extra peace of mind. Our recommended shipping carrier is UPS, but Fedex and USPS are acceptable options as well.