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Convert Your Video Tapes to DVDs & MP4 Video 

Video tape transfers to dvd

Nostalgic Media can digitize your old videotapes to play on any modern device.

As low as
$8 a tape

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Video to DVD Only

You get "100 Year" DVDs from your tapes.
Each tape transferred to a separate DVD.

As low as $8 a tape

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Get Both: DVD & MP4

Order DVDs and MP4 digital files. Edit your video.
Watch video on your phone or digital device.

As low as $12 a tape


Customer Review:
"We had a bunch old video tapes and needed to convert to DVD. Searched online, Nostalgic Media had very good deal for converting multiple tapes. We ordered and paid online, shipped our tapes the next day. 5 days later, we got all the tapes and DVDs back, all of them converted. Very easy transaction, and we are very happy!"
Vickie Watson - North Carolina

Ask for MP4 digital video files with your DVD transfer.

Be prepared for the future! Order MP4 files with your video tape transfer to view your movies on any modern device.

  • Each tape copied to a separate DVD
  • Mix formats: VHS, Hi8, Mini-DV, etc.
  • No charge for blank video tapes
  • Quantity discount pricing
  • Archival grade DVDs included
  • MP4 video files available

Free flash driveFree flash drive when you digitize 10 or more tapes to MP4. Your tapes are returned along with archival grade DVDs & MP4 video files.

Tape Quantity DVD Only
One tape $30 $30
2 to 10 tapes $14 ea $18 ea
11 to 20 tapes $13 ea $17 ea
21 to 30 tapes $12 ea $16 ea
31 to 40 tapes $11 ea $15 ea
41 to 50 tapes $10 ea $14 ea
51 to 74 tapes $9 ea $13 ea
Over 75 tapes $8 ea $12 ea
Add $15 for Beta, VHS-PAL, S-VHS & 3/4 U-matic tapes. Scroll down to order these formats. Please note that we cannot transfer copyrighted material.
With fewer than 10 tapes, MP4 files are stored to a data disc.

Guide to Video Tapes & Formats

These four tapes are common consumer formats

VHS video tape
VHS Tape
Hi-8 video tape
Video-8, Hi-8, Digital-8

Mini-DV video tape


Add $15 for Umatic, Beta & S-VHS Tapes      Order Now

3/4 Umatic video tape
3/4 U-Matic
Betamax video tape
Betamax, BetaCam

  • Each tape copied to a separate DVD
  • Mix formats: VHS, Hi8, Mini-DV, etc.
  • Your tapes are returned to you
  • 7-day Service
  • MP4 video files available from each tape
  • Free return shipping for orders over $180