8mm and 16mm Film Reel Sizes and Running Times

8mm and 16mm Film Reel Sizes and Running Times

8mm film reels come in many different sizes with varying film lengths and running times. A common question we get here is “How many feet of film is on an 8mm reel?”. Well, it depends.

The good news is that it is pretty simple to find out the size of your film reels with the help of a ruler. Once you know the sizes of your reels, you can then estimate how much footage a reel contains and what the approximate running time is. 

This article will explore everything you need to know about reel sizes, film lengths, and running times for the most common sizes of 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm film reels. First, let's determine what type of film you have.

Determining Your Type Of Film

It is likely that you will possess either one, a combination, or all three types of consumer-grade film: 8mm (regular 8), Super 8, or 16mm film. You can use the pictures below to determine the film you have or check out our in-depth film guide. The main differences between these film types lie in their widths and the size of their sprocket holes.

How To Measure Your Film Reels

Using a ruler is the easiest way to measure the size of your reels. You will want to measure the diameter of the entire reel at the widest part. Some old reels will have a footage scale that can help you estimate your footage if your reel is not full. 

Your old reels may have footage markers on them. Look for small numbered markings on the outside.

When using a ruler, be sure to measure the entire width of the reel.

Common Regular 8mm and Super 8 Film Reel Sizes and Running Times

 Width Length Approximate running time
3 inches 50 feet 3 minutes
4 inches 100 feet 6 minutes
5 inches 200 feet 12 minutes
6 inches 300 feet 15 minutes
7 inches 400 feet 24-25 minutes


Common 16mm Film Reel Sizes and Running Times 

16mm film reels can be measured the same way as regular 8 and super 8 reels, but the running times are about half that of the 8mm reel sizes above. 16mm reels can also be much larger and can hold significantly more footage than 8mm reels.

 Width Length Approximate running time
3 inches 50 feet 1 minute
4 inches 100 feet 2 minutes
5 inches 200 feet 6 minutes
6 inches 300 feet 8 minutes
7 inches 400 feet 12 minutes
10.5 inches 800 feet 25-30 minutes
12 inches 1200 feet 40-45 minutes
14 inches 1600 feet 45-55 minutes
16 inches 2000 feet 60-75 minutes


Digitizing Film Reels to Keep Them Safe

Have you ever wondered how to keep your home movies safe? Digitizing film reels is the answer! With the digitization process, we transfer your film reels into a digital format that makes them easier to save, share, and view on all of your modern devices. It's a great way to share your memories with family and friends.

It's also important to mention that digitizing film reels will preserve the integrity of the original film and will help to protect your memories from irreplaceable loss. Film reels can be damaged or destroyed due to age, heat, and other environmental factors. By digitizing them, you can preserve them for generations to come. 

So if you have any old home movies tucked away, now's the time to give them the safety and security they deserve. By digitizing your 8mm and 16mm film reels, you can be sure that your memories will be cherished for years to come.