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Your movie films are transferred to DVD using our broadcast quality imaging system. Frame by frame, your film is captured directly from the emulsion surface. We clean, splice, and repair your movies. A technician monitors your film and adjusts for color balance and contrast.

  • Fast 7 business day turnaround (December excluded)
  • Orders over 1,500 feet include an MP4 digital file & flash drive FREE
  • All original films are returned to you
  • Only pay for film we are able to convert
  • Free return shipping: Orders over $200

IMPORTANT: There is a $30 minimum charge for all film transfer services. Any film orders of 150 feet or less will be charged a minimum of $30. If you are unsure of how much film you have, download our film and footage guide HERE. Alternatively, you can download our order form HERE if you do not wish to check out online.


There is a $30 minimum charge for all film transfer services. If you have 150 feet of film or less, there is a $30 minimum to convert this. The prices listed in the below table are per foot of film. If you are unsure of the amount of film you have, you can download our film guide HERE.
Film Footage (in feet) To DVD Add Digital File

150 ft. or less



151 - 1,000 ft.



1,000 -1,500 ft.



1,500 - 2,000 ft.



2,000 - 4,000 ft.



4,000 - 6,000 ft.



6,000+ ft.




Will you send my reels back to me after they have been converted?

YES! Everything you send us to be archived will be sent back to you, along with the DVD's and digital files if you ordered them. If you send us 50 foot reels, they will be spliced together onto larger, white 400 foot reels.

Will I still be charged for blank or damaged footage?

You are only charged for the footage that we are able to convert. Our technicians will clean your film and remove any large blank sections or damaged footage we are not able to transfer.

Can my reels be transferred in the order I indicate?

Yes, simply number your reels in the order you would like them transferred, and our technicians will splice your reels together in that order. Please note that in order for us to keep your reels in order, we cannot splice Regular 8 and Super 8 reels together. Your Regular 8 and Super 8 reels will have to be separated.
Will my film be color corrected?
Yes, a technician monitors your film and adjusts for color and exposure as needed.
How much film can fit onto a DVD?
To achieve the highest quality transfer, we can fit about 2,000 feet of film onto a single DVD. This translates to about 2 hours of footage. If you have more than 2,000 feet of film, they will be transferred to multiple discs.

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If you are unsure of your quantities, give it your best guess and we will correct any issues once we receive your order. Don't want to order online? You can print out our paper order form here or visit us in Atlanta.

Enter Film Quantity (feet)
If you need help estimating your film footage, download our film and footage guide here.

If you have 150 feet of film or less, enter '1' into quantity box below

Delivery Options


Add DVD Copies - $5 each

All film transfers come with 1 DVD by default. If you wish to add additional copies, enter the number of extra copies in the box below, then click the 'Add Copies' button.

USB Flash Drive

Add USB Flash Drive - $15 each

Orders over 1,500 feet include a FREE digital file stored on a USB flash drive. Add a digital file below, or enter the number of additional flash drives you would like, then click the 'Add USB' button.

Digital Download

Digital Download - $10 each

Your converted films will be uploaded to the cloud, allowing you to access them for 30 days and download them directly to your computer.

Fast 7 Business Days Turnaround

Free Return Shipping Over $200

Questions? Call Us - In Atlanta: (404) 844-3840 Toll free: (888) 612-2370

30+ Years Of Experience

All Work Done In-House

How It Works


Complete your order online, print our order form, or order our ship-it-safe box to get started. Pack your box with your media and ship it to us. Don't want to ship them? No problem! You can drop your media off in person at our lab in Atlanta.


Once we receive your order, we will call you to let you know it got to us safely, and discuss your order with you. Your memories are all then digitized at our lab here in Atlanta, GA by our skilled technicians.


In just 7 short business days or less, your newly digitized memories are shipped back out to you, or are ready to be picked up at our lab, for you and your entire family to enjoy.

All Work Done By Hand & Eye

While we use the latest technology, there is no substitute for technicians with skilled hands and trained eyes. With over 30 years of experience, we get it done right.

Equipment We Can't Buy, We Invent

We are always searching for better tools & techniques. We have designed and built many of our own scanning systems. That's how we can digitize old film and video formats that other labs wouldn't dare touch.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

We offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are unhappy with how your media turned out, we will convert it again at no cost. Still unhappy? We will give you a full refund.

Drop Your Media Off In Person

We understand that you may feel uncomfortable shipping your precious memories through the mail. Don't worry, you can drop your media off right at our lab in Atlanta, GA.

What Our Customers Say

"Nostalgic Media recently digitized two and one half hours of my 50 year old amateurish movie films of my family's early years. This company is staffed with experts who corrected and edited the films into a treasure of memories. I can't overstate their expertise."
Jon Griggs - Georgia
"We had a bunch old video tapes and needed to convert to DVD. Searched online, Nostalgic Media had very good deal for converting multiple tapes. We ordered and paid online, shipped our tapes the next day. 5 days later, we got all the tapes and DVDs back, all of them converted. Very easy transaction, and we are very happy!"

Vickie Watson - North Carolina
"We found about 100 negatives from our wedding (that was 48 years ago!) and sent them to Nostalgic Media based on a friend’s recommendation. Less than a week later they turned them into high quality image scans. The color and clarity are truly amazing! We saved them to my iphone and made 8x10 prints."

Connie Pruitt - Dallas Texas

Need A Shipping Box?

Get a box and round-trip shipping for $39

Need a box to ship your old memories? We'll send a big (12" x 12" x 12") heavy-duty box to your door. Open it up, pack your items, fill out the order form and send it back to us. Here's what you get:

  • A double-wall box filled with packing material, instructions & order form.
  • Round-trip shipping with a UPS return label (to ship back to us) and a tracking number; know your package location at any time.
  • FREE BOX: If your order exceeds $400 and you send it within 30 days, you'll get a credit of $39.

Attach the prepaid return label and get your package to a UPS store or any other shipping provider that handles UPS.