What To Do With Old VHS Tapes: Save Your Valuable Memories

What To Do With Old VHS Tapes: Save Your Valuable Memories

Do you have a collection of old VHS tapes collecting dust somewhere in your house? The digital era has indeed made most people stop using physical tapes to store their favorite videos, but you don’t have to throw away your old VHS tapes just yet! 
There are many creative and helpful ways you can reuse and breathe new life into this now mostly obsolete video format. In this article, we will show you what you can do with old VHS tapes, and how you can continue enjoying your memories for years to come.

Donate Your VHS Tapes

First up, you can donate your old VHS tapes to charitable organizations. Your local Goodwill or thrift stores will happily accept your donations. This will help you clean out your house while doing something meaningful at the same time. You could also donate your tapes to a local vintage shop.
You may want to do some research to find out which organizations will accept VHS tapes, so you can donate them to those that can put them to good use.

Recycle Your Tapes

If your VHS tapes are still in good condition, you can recycle them. You can do this by dropping them off at a local recycling center or mailing them to a recycling company that will safely dispose of your tapes. 
You can also check if your local utility company or library offers recycling services, as this would be another great way to help protect the environment while getting rid of old items you may no longer need.

Turn Them Into Wall Art

Another exciting idea is to turn your old VHS tapes into wall art. You can do this in various ways, such as using a stencil to create a design on the cover of the VHS tapes. 
If you have a lot of VHS tapes, you can create a collage on a large piece of wall art by arranging the VHS covers creatively. You can also use old VHS tapes to make a shadow box collage. This is a great way to combine your love for both art and nostalgia.

Pass Them On To Friends & Family

If you have friends or family members who are big fans of retro media, you can pass on your tapes to them. This is a thoughtful gift that will also allow you to reminisce with your loved ones. This will be especially fun if you have an old VCR handy and a few VHS tapes that include home videos from your childhood.

Repurpose Your Tapes

Why not re-use your old VHS tapes to create something new and fun? For example, you can use old tapes to hold up potted plants to add a little retro touch to your home decor. It’s a unique way to upcycle something that would otherwise end up in a landfill. 
You can also use VHS tapes to make unique Christmas ornaments. This is a great project to do with the kids while they’re in the mood for holiday crafts and to teach them a little something about a piece of history from your childhood.

Digitize Your VHS Tapes

Chances are your tapes contain family memories you don’t want to lose. Did you know you can digitize your VHS tapes so that they can be preserved for years to come? 
Converting your VHS tapes into a digital format will allow you to watch and share your home videos on all of your modern digital devices without relying on your old VHS player! 
If you are tech-savvy, this can be a DIY project, but if not, there are professional VHS transfer services that can safely preserve your tapes for you.