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Turn your aging pictures and prints into digital keepsakes that will last a lifetime. Get your photo memories back on DVD, USB thumb drive, or the cloud to easily share and view on all of your modern devices.

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Future-Proof Your Memories With Our Expert Photo Scanning Services

   "I was a little leery about having my pictures digitized, as one company had already done a poor job for me. This entire process at nostalgia was a pleasure. Easy to talk to, with a site that's easy to use, and the quality of the pictures on the disc was excellent. I have a great deal more I will have done with this outstanding company." - Patrick K.

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✓ Only pay for photos that are scanned - no preset box pricing

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✓ Low-cost, bulk photo scanning perfect for large picture collections

Photo type Price
$30 minimum
Hi-Speed: 3x3 to 4x6(300 dpi) $0.19 each
Hi-Speed: 5x7 up to 8x10(300 dpi) $0.75 each
Custom: up to 5x7(600 dpi) $0.95 each
Custom: up to 8x10(600 dpi) $3 each
Custom: up to 11x17(600 dpi) $7 ea
Photo Scanning Extras
Extra data DVD copies $5 each
Custom/separate folders $5 each
Upgrade resolution (600 dpi) add $0.10 per photo
Rotate/orient photos add $0.10 per photo
Replace data DVD w/USB
(less than 1,000 photos)
Extra USB flash drives starting at $15 each
Digital download link
30 day access
$30 minimum explained

If the quantity of photos you wish to transfer results in a total cost of less than $30, you'll be charged the minimum amount of $30. This minimum fee helps cover the operational costs involved in handling and digitizing your pictures with precision and care.

300 DPI vs 600 DPI scans

DPI stands for Dots (of ink) Per Inch. To put it simply, the more dots per inch, the sharper the image. 300 DPI scans are perfect for simple archiving and printing. 600 DPI scans will allow you to make enlarged prints while retaining more detail. Learn more about DPI.

What's Included
  • Free data DVD included with orders less than 1,000 photos
  • Free USB flash drive included with 1,000+ photos
  • Default 300 dpi resolution for hi-speed scans. 600 dpi for custom scanned photos.
Digital storage details

Orders containing less than 1,000 photos will be returned on a DVD data disc. Please note that this isn't for movie playback; it simply stores the digital files for you to transfer to your computer. If your computer lacks a disc drive or you prefer, upgrade to a USB flash drive for $10.

Digitize your photos  
What You Get

Enjoy Your Memories on Any Device

Our photos to digital scanning service ensures you can enjoy your memories from all of your modern devices. Choose from convenient storage options like 100-year archival data DVDs, USB flash drives, or instant digital downloads. Our storage options ensure your memories are not only preserved securely but also easily accessible whenever you need them.

Turn Aging Family Photos into Timeless Digital Treasures

Have you noticed your collection of old photographs slowly deteriorating and losing their original quality? Don't continue to let these priceless memories fade away. Nostalgic Media offers a photo digitization service that ensures your nostalgic moments remain vibrant and easily accessible for years to come.

Don't take the risk of losing your family's history to the passage of time or unforeseen circumstances. Preserve your photos today with our safe, reliable, and affordable photo scanning service. Relive all your special family moments with convenience, from family gatherings, holidays, and special occasions when you convert photos to digital. Start the hassle-free process today!

Preserve Your Memories  
Our Process

How We Digitize Your Photos

Our handcrafted process ensures your photos are kept safe at every step of the process, all while giving you great quality at budget-friendly prices. Here's how it works:

  • We call or email you once we receive your order
  • All work is done in-house at our secure facility in Atlanta, GA
  • Photos are cleaned of surface dust and debris to ensure a clean, high-quality scan
  • A dedicated technician scans your photos using professional-grade photo scanning equipment
  • Older and more fragile photos are given extra attention with custom scanning done by hand
  • Photos are digitized as JPEG files for universal compatibility
  • Files are returned on a DVD data disc or a free USB flash drive with more than 1,000 photos
  • All original photos are returned with your completed order

Frequently Asked Questions

Digitize Your Photos Today  
1,000,000+ Memories Preserved Since 1989

Preserve Your Family Legacy with Unmatched Ease and Care

We know you have choices when it comes to converting photos to digital, but none can match the more than 35+ years of experience we have here at Nostalgic Media. We provide a level of personalized service and care for your pictures that you just can't get from a big-box scanning service. We understand just how precious your memories are to you, and our handcrafted approach ensures your photos are handled and digitized with the expert care and attention to detail that they deserve.

Have Questions? We're Real People You Can Talk To

Receive personalized care and service when you choose our expert photo scanning services. Speak directly to our knowledgeable technicians over the phone before sending in your photos. Get expert advice, discuss your specific needs, and ensure a smooth digital conversion process that meets your expectations.

Call us: (404) 844-3840 Monday-Friday: 9am - 5pm • Saturday: 10am - 2pm • Sunday: Closed
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  • "Very thrilled

    with the outcome of the 70 year old slides that you converted to digital files for me. The end product was a lot better than I expected. This was the first time I have seen pictures of my father from when he was a young boy in the 1950s. He passed last year and these keepsakes are very treasured."

    Stephen S.

  • "I was very pleased

    with Nostalgic Media. First, leading up to placing my order, I called them and got someone on the phone immediately, no 1 minute recording. My questions were answered and I submitted my material and payment. The sending was quick and I was notified of shipping dates. Would use their services again."

    Tom R.

  • "Nostalgic media delivered

    just as they advertised. They converted my 55+ year old 8mm reels into digital media and now my family can relive some golden moments that I had feared were lost to memory. They were fast and gave me a product better than what I had hoped for. I recommend them without hesitation."

    William G.
Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions About Our Photos to Digital Service

  • No. We do not offer printing services. Once we have scanned your photos, you can have prints made at another location from the digital files we provide you.

  • We cannot guarantee the order of individual photos, but in some cases, yes. For the hi-speed scans we must scan similar sized photos together, so if your photos are the same size then we should be able to maintain the the order you give us the photos in. Use a rubber band to bundle each stack of photos together and number each bundle. If your photos are a variety of sizes that are mixed or require flatbed scanning, we are unable to keep them in order.

  • Our standard hi-speed scanning resolution is 300 DPI. This is the perfect resolution if you are planning to save and view your photos on computer and phone screens. This resolution will also allow you to make quality prints from your scans. Our custom scanning resolution is 600 DPI. If you are planning to make enlargements of your photos larger than 11x17, this resolution will allow you to do so. Learn more about DPI.

  • Average turnaround time is 7 business days in-house. Allow longer processing times during the holidays.

  • We are able to scan loose photos only. Please ensure that any photos contained in albums are removed before sending them to us.

  • Yes. All original media will be returned with your completed order.